What is trending in 2018?

By Sam Goodman and Tamanna Sood

Art by Jordan Pillsbury

Art by Jordan Pillsbury


And the Emmy Goes too...


This 2017 Netflix original series, co-created by Nick Kroll, is a hilarious coming-of-age story following the lives of your average seventh graders. With voice cracks, school dances, and slumber parties, there is no better show to bring you back to your awkward middle school years. Season 2 is confirmed to air on Netflix in 2018! 


Black Mirror is the modern day Twilight Zone. Black Mirror touches on the impact of technology and social media on society and speculates on what technology has in store for the next generation, With four seasons already on Netflix, this Sci-Fi lets us take a look into a society over run by the tech world.


                    Going Viral



This viral Twitter trend is exactly what is sounds like— before opening a Twitter picture it may be one thing, but, after expanding it, in the corners of these pictures are adorable puppies, hilarious memes, and more! Check it out on Twitter @openforasurprise.


HQ Trivia feels more like a game show than your every day trivia game. Game sessions are live at 9 and 3 p.m. eastern time, with thousands of players competing to win real prize money. 



Internet Idiots



The new healthy snack on the market! Colorful and nutritious, Tide Pods are the new granola! With only 30 calories, Tide Pods are turning the food industry upside down. This new superfood is healthy and delicious. When you’re in a rush in the morning and haven’t had breakfast, Tide Pods are the easy and healthy breakfast for a kid on the go!...GIRL, really, ya'll are gonna sit up in front of a camera and posion your body with tide pods. Like, we get it, they look fun to chew on, but you don't see us shoving them in our mouths. Jeez...gahd. 



Logan Paul welcomed in the new year in the most sincere and heartfelt way. On the first day of the year, Logan Paul posted a video depicting his experience in the forest of Aokigahara Forest in Japan (commonly known as the Suicide Forest), in which he filmed the body of a man who had just taken his life. The video was published and viewed by his audience of thousands of 8 year olds. ‘The Maverick’ didn’t just stop there, he also continued to disrespect and desecrate the body by making horrible jokes. But I mean, what’s a good Yyoutube video without a dead body...right?





On January 20th, over 1 million people across the country marched in the second annual Womens March, according to Forbes Over 600,000 in L.A. gathered from Pershing Square to City Hall to march for social justice, political change,  female empowerment, and the Times Up movement.

OPRAH 2020

'And you get healthcare, you get health care, you get healthcare...we all get healthcare!' The Queen of talk-shows, Oprah Winfrey might be running for president in 2020. Soon enough you’ll see billboards. With giving everyone free gifts and advice, Madam President Winfrey would rewrite history by dismantling the White House and using the land solely for her vegetable garden. The only question left to ask is: Will Gayle be VP?