beautiful: pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically; of a very high standard.


Bizarre: strange or unusual, as to cause interest or amusement.

Avant-garde. Bold. Courageous. 

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a celebration of the creators, artists, and risk-takers of the world; the painters, the poets, the rebels, the originals. We seek the things that are odd, that are different, that are disturbing, and live to find the beauty, grace, and elegance within those things. With a primary focus on art, design, fashion, music, film, and photography, as well as those who raise the standards of those communities, Beautiful Bizarre was created with the mission of shedding light on those who are often left in the dark.

So scroll, scroll, scroll.

Editorial Policy

First released on November 24th, 2017, Beautiful Bizarre is a monthly publication that highlights the creativity of the teenage mind. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is not subject to prior review before its monthly publication except by its own Editorial Board, and is therefore, solely responsible for its content.  Beautiful Bizarre is an online only magazine that is released on the first of every month, and is created by teenage students in Los Angeles, California. Beautiful Bizarre was created on an Apple computer and is powered by Square Space. 

Social Media

Instagram: @beautifulbizarremag

Twitter: @beautbizarre



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