Music by Alec Reinhardt

Calliope Music Group


       Coming from a background in blues, Alec Reinhardt is an 18 year-old college freshman at Emory University, majoring in Applied Math, pursing the pre-medical track. 

       "I have a wide array of musical influences. These include modern R&B and hip-hop as well as jazz, folk, and alternative rock. My music draws heavily on these influences and uses a combination of acoustic and electronic elements to create a vibrant, soulful sound," Reinhardt said. 

       His most recent song Sunset draws inspiration from the ignorance, uncertainties, excitement, and regret that come with growing up.

"The inspiration comes from feelings I had at the time as I was making new friends, falling out with others, gaining more independence and deciding what to do with it...In the lyrics, I tried to paint images that reflect some of these feelings, just like how a sunset reflects nostalgia and beauty/"  

       Sunset is a lesson which teaches the importance of learning from your past and growing from those experiences.

       "[The song] is trying to express that every stage of life comes to end, but then makes a new beginning. That sounds cliche, but hey, that’s show-business," Reinhardt said.


Reporting by Sam Goodman