RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3  Fashion Review


Episode 1: Work Room Entrance


By Sam Goodman


Category is ARE YOU AN ALL STAR? This is our first look of the queens as the re-enter the competition. They better prove themeslves! Here are the reviews for the looks of 10 queens when the entered the workroom for the first time:


Aja— Season 9

She scooted right back into the work room and looks sickening. This matching coat and bathing scoot has incredible colors and this anime green whipped hair is perfect for this look. The nails are long, the beat is soft, and Aja is taking no prisoners. TOOT.


Bebe Zahara Benet— Season 1

SLAY QUEEN YOU BETTA WORK! The OG winner is back and this tropical paradise fantasy perfectly embodies her home country of CAMAROON. Sheer perfection and that hair is everything. TOOT.


Kennedy Davenport— Season 7

I'm torn. I get it— it's club kid, avant-garde, Michael Alig, 1993 New York. But, at the same time, if you cover her hair, she looks like a pageant girl. The disco ball purse and mirror mask are everything, but I wish it were an inch longer. For taking risks it should be a toot, but for the overall look it's a BOOT.


Morgan McMichaels— Season 2

Back from the dead, Morgan looks stunning. This nude glittery dress is gorgeous and the burgundy jacket is lovely...separate. Morgan is a body queen and this huge shrug and giant hair is hiding that. If you've got it, flaunt it. Overall, Morgan does look somewhat basic. BOOT.


Thorgy Thor— Season 8

The fashion clown is back in town and ready to snatch the crown. While this look may seem like a lot at first, all the pieces really blend well at work together. The shoes, top, and lips match, the pants and the wig compliment each other well, and this fun, fresh fashion is on brand for Thorgy. TOOT.


Ben DeLa Creme— Season 6

We get it you won Mrs. Congeniality. All Stars is about showing the world exactly how much you've changed since you first appeared on Drag Race. This repurposed look from 4 years ago is not updated or improved. Ben really showed up in this episode but, this look is a BOOT


Chi Chi Devayne— Season 8

Okay. This is All Stars 3 and a yellow bathing suit with ruffles and a hat is not going to cut it. I do love the yellow heels and the color of the leotard but, you are competing with the best of the best and you have to look your best. On the up side, the wig and accessories look great, but, you can do better Chi Chi, we believe in you. BOOT.



Milk— Season 6

Pinocchio got a make over. Since her debut on RuPaul's Drag Race season 6, Milk has been turning out high fashion looks left and right. This denim Pinocchio piece is no exception. From the covered heels to the gap in her teeth, to the bowl cut wig, this look screams Milk. But, I wish the hair were a little longer so you couldn't see the hard hat under the wig. TOOT.


Shangela— Season 2 and 3

Shangela, in a box, saying 'halleloo', again. While not everyone might be pleased Shangela is back, this look shows real improvement from her time on season 2 and 3. The tiffany cheerleading outfit, wavy, full ombre hair, and bedazzled white bow is working for Shangela and I love it. TOOT girl toot. 


Trixie Mattel— Season 7

All I can say is Malibu Barbie on wheels. Trixie brought it with this roller girl realness and I truly live for this pink fantasy. Plus can we discuss the fanny pack and the stacked wig. From the moment you see this look you know exactly the type of queen Trixie is. 5 stars for Trixie. TOOT.


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