COncert Wear:        I've got you covered

Concert 1.jpg

I always find events to be the most difficult thing to dress for.  What’s the mood? What is everyone else wearing? Will it be hot or cold in the venue? etc….

Well, I have a formula for you!  Everyone wants to look cute at a concert but it’s not so cute when your new dress comes out of the venue looking like you went through a car wash without a car because you were grooving too hard to Sarah Smiles at the Hall n’ Oates concert.

Anyways, I recently went to see Chicano Batman (BEST MUSIC EVER CHECK THEM OUT NOW!) and I was super worried because I didn’t know what to wear.  A dress turned into shorts, turned into my bra and underwear sitting on my bed stressing. Then I decided to just keep it simple. I wore a black spaghetti strap (gotta get some air somehow), a black leather fringe jacket, some circle zipper H&M pants and sneakers.

The formula for any quick fix outfit: simple shirt, cute pants and, A FIERCE JACKET! (oh and some glitter on your face).

I felt cute, I could move and I didn’t feel like I had gone overboard or was underdressed.  Less is more! So go shake your groove thang at the next concert feeling pretty, carefree, and like it's 1985!


Concert 2.jpg