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We represent those who are underrepresented. We accept those who don't feel accepted. The only requirement to be featured on our sight is a passion for expressing yourself. Be beautiful, be bizarre— it's welcome here. 

Aside from the requirements listed above, Beautiful Bizarre is primarily for student work, ages 12-25. However, we will consider work from any artist. In the subject line below, please write "Submission— [Story Title]". Please provide a brief description of yourself (age, where you attend school, interests, etc.) and a brief description of your story idea. If you are submitting art, photography, music, or film, please describe the piece and we can be in contact through email.

All pieces submitted to Beautiful Bizarre are under the jurisdiction of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and our editorial board. We reserve the right to use submitted pieces at any time after date of submission and set the time, manner, and period of publishing.