Drag Lingo

      By Sam Goodman     

Editor in Chief


Make your vocabulary 100% more sickening with this campy drag lingo. You'll be able to unclockably kiki with the fishiest queens, throwing shade, spilling T, and beating that mug like no other. If you were lost during this entire intro then you really need to dive into this drag dictionary


1. Campy (adj.)

Definition: A type of traditional, over the top, comedy based, theatrical drag.

Ex: Her campy performances are so exaggerated and ridiculous!


2. Clock (v.)

Definition: To spot or point out someone's flaws which they are trying to hide.

Ex: Girl, your wig is unclockable! It looks like it's coming right out of your head!


3. Drag (v.)

Definition: An alliteration first used by Shakespeare standing for 'Dressed Resembling A Girl', but, is now used to refer to a cross-dressing entertainer.

Ex: There are drag bars all over Hollywood featuring amazing male performers dressed up in women's clothing.


4. Fishy (adj.)

Definition: When a drag queen looks like a real women. (See Courtney Act, Joslyn Fox, and Gia Gunn)

Ex: She is so fishy, I can’t even tell that there’s a man under all of that makeup!


5. KiKi (v.)

Definition: A little party where a group of people gossip, drink, and have a good time.

Ex: After he got back from his trip, he and his friends chatted and had a kiki all night.


6. Library (n.)

Definition: In reference to throwing shade, the library is the place in which queens ‘read’ each other.

Ex: The library is open, now read each other for filth!


7. Realness (adj.)

Definition: With an origin in the ballroom drag scene in which contestants would be given categories like ‘executive realness’, being ‘real’ refers to the ability to embody the truest version of the given category.

Ex: She is serving teenage realness with her iPhone and Starbucks.


8. Shade (n.)

Definition: A seemingly innocent comment or action that is actually rude or insulting.

Example of shade: "I love how you’ll wear anything! I could never leave the house like that. You're so confident!"


9. Sickening (adj.)

Definition: Sounding the opposite of its definition, sickening is used to describe someone who makes you sick because they are beyond perfect and amazing.

Ex: She looks sickening today with her diamond ring and Prada bag!


10. The T (n.)

Definition: An abbreviation for the “truth”. Referring to gossip, scoop, or rumors.

Ex: Person 1: “Did you hear all the rumors about her?”

      Person 2: “Yes, but I want to know what the real T is.”


11. Werk (v.)

Definition: To do something exceedingly well, mostly used in reference to dancing, modeling, dancing, or anything that requires a fierce attitude.

Ex: You better werk, werk it girl, give a twirl, do your thing on the runway.” (RuPaul Supermodel)


12. a) Beat (v.)

Definition: To put makeup on a face

b) Mug (n.)

Definition: Face

Ex: You better beat that mug with your MAC Cosmetics

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