The Search for the World's Next Supermonster

By Sam Goodman

Editor in Chief 

Photo by Sam Goodman

Photo by Sam Goodman


“We pride ourselves on celebrating the strange, and the wild, and the sometimes dangerous side of queer culture. And as the rest of the world accepts us, they also try to squeeze us into a little box, and make us conform, and that just won’t do. Drag is a form of radical self-expression — it’s an art — and the last thing an artist needs is to be told what to do.”

The message of Dragula is to allow for liberated imagination and unrestricted creativity. I strongly support this message of not allowing others to put you into a box, and Dragula does a perfect job of personifying that message. We have entered a more polarized time in which some are fully invested in creativity and the way they express that, whether through photography on social media, or drag in gay bars, and others are on a mission to silence or box that creativity. I challenge those reading this to follow the former. Don't let your creativity be  silenced because of the judgment of others. Take it and turn it up to 100 because the last thing an artist needs is to be told what to do.

A year after it’s Season 1 debut on “Hey Queen” on Youtube, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Search for the World’s Next Drag Supermonster returned on Halloween 2017 for its second season, now on Out TV on Youtube. Drag Legends the Boulet Brothers casted 10 drag queens from across the country to compete in brutal challenges, pushing drag queens like they have never been pushed before. By testing queens ability to become master fashion designers, sickening MUA’s, actresses, lip syncers, performers, and all around fearless queens, the Boulet Brothers train their contestants to fulfill the three principles of Dragula: filth, horror, and glamour.

Each week, the Boulet Brothers craft a challenge for their queens to compete in such as designing an outfit inspired by the Cenobites of Hellraiser, performing in a rock show from hell, and acting in a slasher flick in the middle of the woods. After the queens compete, they are critiqued by the Boulet Brothers and special guest judges like legendary performers Peaches Christ, Coco Peru, and Alaska. The queens who perform the worst in the challenge are put up for ‘extermination’ and must endure painful, disgusting, and horrific challenges to test if they have the grit to stay in the competition. Extermination challenges have included a three course extraterrestrial feast of octopus, pigs, feet, anchovies and more, standing in freezing buckets of ice, and getting embarrassing permanent tattoos. The queen that fails to impress the Boulets is ‘exterminated’.

Season two of Dragula featured Aborha, Biqtch Puddin Dahli, Disasterina, Erika Klash, Felony Dodger, James Majesty, Kendra Onixxx, Monikkie Shame, and Victoria Black. After 8 weeks of completing, the three queens that remain are James Majesty, Bitqch Puddin, and Victoria Black, and on Tuesday, January 16th a winner will be crowned. Tune in at 7 p.m. to witness the crowning of the worlds next drag supermonster.