Drop the Purse Hun!


Me: ……….ehhhh. Yeah. Well the thing is, I literally have no idea…


So, I may be the most discombobulated person on this planet.  I honestly could have something in my hand but it will just find a way to disappear. I swear. It’s like evil invisible aliens are haunting me.

In total, I have lost three wallets, broken two phones, and lost six credit cards. Oh, and I lost my drivers license. As you can imagine, my parents were not too pleased about that.

As I have tried to become more organized as a part of my New Year’s resolution, I wanted to look for things that will actually help me keep all my stuff together.

  1. Backpacks: A BIG FAT SCAM...honestly, they’re not that bad, they’re actually perfect, I am just too forgetful for them to be useful. I mean, it’s on my back…I forget to close it, everything falls out, dadadad…you get it.
  2. Purses: You might as well call purses Joanne the Scammer bags BECAUSE THEY’RE A SCAM!  Oh really? You hold my stuff? INTERESTING…SO WHY DID I STILL LOSE IT??????????????

I could never find anything that met my chaud désordre (hot mess) needs. BUT THEN A FANNY PACK FELL FROM HEAVEN.

FANNY PACKS are literally God’s gift to us girlies (and boys). As they’ve come back in fashion, they’re cuter than ever and guess what? THEY HOLD STUFF AND I DON’T LOSE IT!

The first time I wore my pack I was so worried but everything fit (even my 5 foot thick phone case)!

For a more put together look I love this red (or black) one from Forever 21, and to look more sporty, relaxed look, go for a casual black bag from ASOS!


Shirt: Kylie Jenner  Pants: H&M

Shirt: Kylie Jenner

Pants: H&M

Purse 2.png