Never Know That

Music by Eva Rose

Calliope Music Group



       "Never Know That" is a pop indie track with lyrics that reflect upon a breakup, as singer and songwriter Eva Rose hoped to incorporate themes of power and pride. A 19 year old freshman in the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Rose created "Never Know That" with an influence of pop, rock, and heartbreak.

       "I had an impulse to write something brazen and a little ridiculous. I was playing the melody on my guitar and then the lines 'I saw you with her last night/ Wanted to scratch out your eyes" just came out. After that, I was thinking, 'Ok...what exactly happened to this character to warrant this kind of thought?' Then I started writing a story, but I wanted it to be told through settings, like the back of a taxi cab or looking out from a bedroom window. I wanted the images to be specific, yet ambiguous enough for anyone to see themselves in the narrative," Rose said.

       When creating music, Rose typically falls back on an acoustic pop and singer-songwriter sound, influenced by rock and pop-punk bands such as Paramore, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Killers. However, with "Never Know That", Rose took a more indie pop route with an edge.

       "I wanted this song to be about the aftermath of a falling out of a breakup. Specifically, a situation where the other person is much farther along in the process of getting over you and you have to witness that from afar. Even though the topic of the song is heartbreak, I wanted it to feel somewhat triumphant. When I repeat "Never Know That" towards the end of the chorus, I'm obviously singing about how badly I miss someone, but there's an underlying sense of power in choosing to never give that person the satisfaction of knowing how lonely you are without them. I think its also an admission of pride, and how that can be a protective measure in your most vulnerable moments," Rose said.

       You can listen to "Never Know That" above!


Reporting by Sam Goodman


Photos provided by Eva Rose

Photos provided by Eva Rose