A dash of l.a.

beautiful Bizarre takes you around Los Angeles, trying cuisine from across the world and right in your own backyard. Get out of the valley kids and get a taste of l.a.


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Grand Central Market is the food lover's heaven that defies all boarders. A downtown staple highlighting the incredible variety of cultures, cuisines, and character that Los Angeles has to offer, Grand Central Market allows hungry people from around the globe sample new and exciting foods at an incredibly low cost. Long story short, I ate 5 full meals with coffee and dessert and I'm not even mad at myself. Being able to travel the world from Japan to Italy to El Salvador and back through food was the full fantasy. Follow along on my journey through vegan ramen, Lady and the Tramp pasta, and an entire loaf of sourdough bread. 

By Sam Goodman

I was literally so excited for Korean BBQ. All I wanted to do was transform in to Bobby Flay and start grilling. Let's get into it!

 By Sam Goodman

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I hopped off the bus on the corner of West Olympic and Irolo and immediately I was entranced by the beautiful art displayed on the side of the building. With silhouettes of birds flying overtop portraits of various people, all surrounded by angel wings, guelaguetza is an authentic Mexican restaurant, famous for the mole. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's head in and taste test all that this 24 year staple has to offer.

 By Sam Goodman