Con-GRAD-ulations: But what am I gonna wear under the gown?

Sam Goodman

High school graduation may be your last opportunity to serve L O O K S. You want to turn heads when you unzip the gown so let’s dive into some graduation outfit tips and tricks.


No I did not take any h to t pictures of my outfit but you get the idea. I decided to skip the formal wear and go with a linen stripped pant from Forever 21. If you are looking for quick, cheap fashion, Forever 21 is a go-to. These pants were $12 and are holding up beautifully. I paired the pants with a gray turtle neck which was so hot and sweaty but that’s besides the point. I JUST got these new waterproof black timberlines boots which is the only thing you can see when the gown is zipped. You have the choose a statement shoe when that’s the only thing you can see.

Graduation day photography checklist:

  • Stunning sunset

  • Flowing gown

  • Fresh cut grass

  • Wistful gaze