Social meal-ia: Is this food only insta-worthy?

By Sam Goodman

Editor in Chief


Edible Cookie Dough

We’ve all been there— guzzling chocolate cookie dough straight out of the tub on a Saturday night...alone. Luckily, edible cookie dough hit the market in 2017 with the opening of DŌ in New York City’s Greenwich Village. DŌ customers can select from over 15 dough flavors such as chocolate chip, sugar cookie, salty and sweet, confetti, peanut butter snickerdoodle, and more. If super sweet desserts are your thing, then DŌ in NYC or The Cookie Dough Cafe in Los Angeles are perfect for you. But, for those without a sweet tooth, one bite may be plenty, and at that point you may as well just eat it straight out of the tub!

Lightbulb and Milk Bottle Boba

Square Bar Cafe in Northridge and Canoga Park is basically an Instagram food heaven with their signature light bulb boba. This insta-famous menu item is exactly what is sounds like— choose whatever beverage you want from artisan coffee to matcha green tea, add boba, and square bar will put in a trendy glass bottle. While it may seem extremely unnecessary to carry around boba in a light bulb or glass bottle, it’s honestly worth the extra dollar just for the experience. Plus, their coffee and tea are incredible.

Chocolate Syringe

The chocolate syringe, originating at Max Brenner in New York, available at Dylan's Candy Bar, is as absurd as it sounds. It is a $5, giant syringe of pure milk chocolate. A fun concept, but nasty in practice, the chocolate syringe is just a waste of money.  

Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee, in Studio City, Melrose, and Brentwood, is a legendary Instagram coffee house and renowned for its intricate latte art and ever so relatable slogan: “But first, coffee’. While Alfred Coffee has great drinks and pastries, it's simply not worth the money and drive, with their prices averaging about $4. There are much more affordable options in the valley at a much lower cost such as R Coffee House in Chatsworth. At Alfreds, It’s more about the Instagram experience and less about the coffee.

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