September 2018

Volume I — Issue 11: Re-inspire


FREE: Fearlessness and acceptance

ENERGIZED: Outgoing and electric

ALIVE: Pure and strong

YOUTHFUL: Nostalgic and hopeful

Let these words define, guide, and inspire.

Thank you for subscribing to the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine newsletter. Your support in this endeavor is what drives us to INSPIRE those who feel creatively challenged and EMPOWER those who have succeeded in their arena. We feel that with your continued support, we can meet this task head on.

Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our September 2018 issue, we have highlighted several artists with distinct aesthetics who have chosen art, photography, and pop-culture moments to DEFINE THEIR STYLE. These artists have given advice to the creatively apathetic and hope to inspire those who need an artistic recharge. Our cover photo, "Freckles by Dani Weintraub" is a testament to the constant inspiration that lives around us.

September 2018 is dedicated to the painters, poets, rebels, ORIGINALS, who need to be re-inspired.





Dani Weintraub

Digital Photography


"School is always so loud and stressful, I constantly see people running around and freaking out. I saw him sitting and he looked so peaceful, I wanted to capture that. I also love his freckles. My inspiration usually comes in the moment from everyday things around me."