November/DECEMBER 2017

volume 1 — Issue 1&2: EMPOWERMENT/EMERGENCE


You’ve entered a space free of the limitations that intimidate you; a place that knows  NO BOUNDS OF BEAUTY, that accepts the unusual underbelly of art, fashion, and film, as seen through the eyes of teenagers. You’ve entered the Beautiful Bizarre; let your mind ROAM  FREE, and let your senses be overwhelmed, it’s worth it.

In our November 2017 issue, we highlighted “Kashni – Hazel”, a Paint on Canvas piece by Tamanna Sood, a young artist attending Sierra Canyon School who, through her art, finds A VOICE  for the Indian Diaspora. We featured Lauren Onelum: a fashion forward student who encourages others to accept their oddities. Sood and Onelum personify our theme for Issue One: EMPOWERMENT — shedding light on those who are often left in the dark.  

But there’s been a shift, and as we develop our style, as every young artist does, we begin  EXPLORING  THE  REALITY that not everyone embraces their oddities. Enter Lulu Sammons: A girl whose eyes are the windows to her soul, seeing NOTHING  BUT  DARKNESS  in one, and an array of colors in the other. Thus, our theme for Issue Two: EMERGENCE.

December ‘17 is for the painters, poets, rebels,  ORIGINALS  who have YET TO  COME FORTH  as such, so scroll, scroll, scroll.


—Creator And Editor in Chief

Sam Goodman



"Kashi (Hazel)"

Tamanna Sood - Paint on Canvas

November 2017


       "Kashni (Hazel)" by Artist Tamanna Sood is a paint on canvas piece inspired by the popular Punjabu folk song "Ik Meri Ankh Kashni".

       "My Nanima (grandmother) used to sing [Ik Meri Ankh Kashni] to me all the time, and [it was really] a muse to me. It is about a woman who had just gotten married and her new family created so many so many problems for her, creating a kashni (hazel) effect over her eyes. But, in end, it doesn't matter because her love for her husband was so strong," Sood said.

       Through her art, Sood hopes to give a voice to the Indian Diaspora, inspiring our theme for Issue 1, November 2017, EMPOWERMENT.

"In the eye of the beholder"

Sam Goodman - Digital Photography

December 2017


‘What advice would you give to a young person with a disability similar to yours?’, I asked Lauren Sammons as she looked at me with her multi-colored eyes and keyhole pupil.

“I would say ‘take the advice that I don’t take myself— embrace it because it’s unique, don’t try to hide it. Embrace it, because it’s…'

“It’s what?” I asked.

“It’s beautiful”...

       Our cover photo for December 2017 depicts Lauren Sammons, an artist who sees is blind out of one eye and sees double out of the other. Though others find Sammon's multi-colored eyes to be fascinating, Lauren herself cannot find the beauty that her peers see so clearly.

       "I see an array of colors mixed with black and white...and that's beautifully bizarre..." Sammons said.

       Thus, December '17 was dedicated to those who have not yet embraced their oddities, presenting our theme for Issue 2: EMERGENCE.