Volume I — Issue 12: Face Your Fears


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Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our October 2018 issue, we have highlighted “Oversaturated”, a digital photograph and Adobe Photoshop piece by Anna Harberger, an ode to the haunted and frightening art that inspires her every day. We have featured Rick Rebel who, through drag, has become a more true, honest performer.

The SPOOKY, OOKY, KOOKY art, photography, and poetry of contributors Dani Weintraub, Anna Harberger, Zoe Wernik, and Makenna Kovacs perfectly encapsulate the theme of the final issue of Volume I of Beautiful BizarreFace Your Fears.

This issue is dedicated to the GOBLINS, GHOSTS, GHOULS, and GRIM.

—Creator and Editor in Chief

Sam Goodman



Anna Harberger

Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop


“I used to be really interested in photography and I took a break to pursue poetry and writing short stories. Recently i’ve been working on graphic arts so I have used old photographs to play around in a new medium. All of my art is spooky. I’m not capable of creating art thats not frightening. Things that are unsettling are authentic.”