Winter 2019

VOLUME I — ISSUE 2: Rush, Rush

Follow the speed of traffic. Rinaldi is marked 40. SPEED LIMIT 4o. Expect to be cut off when driving 4o on Rinaldi. Highways are marked 60. SPEED LIMIT 60. Try 80. Don’t go above 80. Don’t go above 80, especially towards the end of the month. Watch your speed. Stay aware. Don’t drive too slow. Don’t drive too slow or you may get a ticket. Keep with the speed of traffic. Follow the speed of traffic and don’t be that one car holding everyone up. Don’t be that one car doing 40 in a 40 zone. Don’t be that one Prius C. Stay aware. Don’t rush. Fast but not too fast. Slow but not too slow. Rush rush.

This month. These months. These transitional months. I challenge every painter, poet, rebel, original to watch the speed limit. Don’t get caught up in the rush rush. Stay present. Don’t be taken, shaken by the rush rush.






Eric Abell

Digital Photography