January 2018

Volume I — Issue 3: POP


2018 is a BLANK canvas, your blank CANVAS, and we challenge you to fill it with whatever you desire. Unleash the POWER of your heart, release the ENERGY in your soul, and unchain the PASSION  in your mind. Let this be the year that you, with 100 percent authenticity, truly pop. Be bold, be creative, be inspired— NO HOLDS BARRED —it’s worth it.

In our January 2018 issue, we have highlighted "Flaming Bambosa", a digital photograph by high school junior and film student Joeli Schwartz. "Flaming Bambosa" personifies the idea of staying true to yourself, as that is what makes your personality shine through. We featured Jasper Harris, a 18 year old music recording student who finds the energy of the New York City hustle to be simply ELECTRIFYING. Through these ideas, Schwartz and Harris exemplify our theme for January 2018— POP: How, in 2018, whether through a heightened sense of self, a connection with one’s surroundings, or uncensored creative prowess, will you UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOU?

January ‘18 is dedicated to the PAINTERS, poets, rebels, and originals who are ready to fill their canvases with their most raw form of creativity. So scroll, scroll, scroll.


—Creator and Editor in Chief

Sam Goodman



"Flaming Bambosa"

Jolie Schwartz

Digital Photography


       Before capturing Flaming Bambosa, Photographer Joeli Schwartz noticed the reflective rainbow lights of three lightsabers and their treatment on model Michael Deschaine. 

       "People think they need fancy equipment to take good pictures but as long as your telling your story, you can use your phone and a couple of light sabers," Schwartz said.

       Flaming Bambosa is inspired by social norms and the idea of a person having to hide their true selves. According the Schwartz, the title is just autocorrect nonsense.

       "There's no need to change who you are for others. The way you act naturally is the thing that will cause you to be noticed by those who may not have even known they were looking for you. It's what will allow you to truly pop," Schwartz said.

       This 'me for me' montra aligns with the our theme for Issue 3, January 2018, POP.