February 2018

Volume I — Issue 4: Black and white and red all over


OUR EXISTENCE IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE. It’s blue and green and it’s purple. It’s overflowing with color, with shape— it’s bursting at the seams. Life is NEON ORANGE and HOT PINK. Life is lemon and amber and butternut and canary. It’s daffodil and jasmine and GOLD, OH HOW IT’S GOLD. It’s magnolia and mustard and tea rose and primrose. It’s maize and topaz and saffron and CHAMPAGNE, OH HOW THE CHAMPAGNE FLOWS. Life is yellow. Life is indigo and life is magenta. Life isn’t black and white. Music and fashion aren’t gray. They can’t be gray. Culture and music and fashion are OVERFLOWING WITH COLOR, with shape— bursting at the seams.

LIFE IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE, it’s love and it’s loss and IT’S RED ALL OVER.

As seen in the header of our site, in our February 2018 issue, we have highlighted a watercolor on Bristol paper piece, by Lauren Nicolaysen, inspired by the idea of  understanding the physical body without paying attention to close detail. Titleless, this piece conveys the message that labels are arbitrary. We featured Becca Goldman, a young creator who takes SELF DOUBT, a seemingly negative quality, and turns it into her GREATEST STRENGTH. Through these ideas, Nicolaysen and Goldman represent our theme for February 2018— BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER. Life is just never as simple as black and white.

February 2018 is dedicated to the PAINTERS, poets, rebels, originals who splatter paint our lives with color, breathe life into our dull, gray worlds, and restore light into our existence. So scroll, scroll, scroll...


—Creator and Editor in Chief

Sam Goodman


"Issue 4 Cover"

Lauren Nicolaysen

Watercolor on Bristol Paper

lauren edit.jpg

       The cover for our February 2018 issue, titleless, is a watercolor on Bristol paper piece by Lauren Nicolaysen. Nicolaysen began her journey with art at age 5 at Mission Renaissance and continued there through age 13. Now, Nicolaysen is a sophomore at Sierra Canyon School in Drawing and Painting II. 

       "[This piece] is inspired by the understanding of the physical body through art without paying attention to close detail. It allows you to understand the shape and curve and direction of the body and translate it on paper in a matter of seconds," Nicolaysen said.

       Nicolaysen believes that no art of any sort should be labeled with a title. It just is what it is.

       "I think it’s symbolizes simplicity which is also the message, to just simplify stuff," Nicolaysen said.

       Life is never just BLACK AND WHITE. It's love and it's loss and it's RED ALL OVER.