"Black and White and Red All Over"

Lauren Nicolaysen

Watercolor on Bristol Paper

February 2018: Black and White and Red All over

Volume I - Issue 4

lauren edit.jpg

       The cover for our February 2018 issue, titleless, is a watercolor on Bristol paper piece by Lauren Nicolaysen. Nicolaysen began her journey with art at age 5 at Mission Renaissance and continued there through age 13. Now, Nicolaysen is a sophomore at Sierra Canyon School in Drawing and Painting II. 

       "[This piece] is inspired by the understanding of the physical body through art without paying close attention to detail. It allows you to understand the shape and curve and direction of the body and translate it on paper in a matter of seconds," Nicolaysen said.

       Nicolaysen believes that no art of any sort should be labeled with a title. It just is what it is.

       "I think it’s symbolizes simplicity which is also the message, to just simplify stuff," Nicolaysen said.