APRIL 2018

Volume I — Issue 6: GET TO THE POINT


Have you discovered THE POINT OF IT ALL? Or are you here to commute to your 9 to 5, or to take a practice ACT every other day, or to bag groceries at the local market? WHAT IS THE POINT? It’s to share YOUR POINT OF VIEW, make your mark, blaze your trail. This is the time to stand up for what you believe in, for what you think is right, to MAKE A POINT. That’s your mission, your JUMPING OFF POINT, through the HIGH POINTS and the LOW POINTS, until you reach the TURNING POINT. Ultimately, it’s you who will decide THE POINT OF IT ALL.

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Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our April 2018 issue, we have highlighted Back At Me, a piece created on Adobe Illustrator by high school junior Eve Gross Sable, based on reflection and disillusionment. "Back At Me" centers around the idea of one’s actions being reflected back at them as well as the fear of what’s to come. We had the opportunity to feature Tamar Viz, an artist and high school senior at Calabasas High School who takes self expression to the max. Back At Me and Tamar encapsulate the Beautiful Bizarre theme for April 2018— GET TO THE POINT. Find your purpose and fight for it, to the POINT OF NO RETURN.

April 2018 is dedicated to the painters, poets, rebels, ORIGINALS who know who they are and are determined to do exactly what they’re here to do. THAT’S OUR POINT, to inspire those who are still being asked ‘AND YOUR POINT IS?’ So scroll, scroll, scroll…







"Back at me"

Eve Gross-Sable

Created on Adobe Illustrator

back at me.png