JUNE 2018

Volume I — Issue 8: PRIDE


“Nobody likes you nobody cares. Nobody wants you nobody cares. To extend a greeting, a connecting glance. Life is just a jaded game to them. They won’t give it a chance. But you know and I know. That the galaxies are all around us. Life will flow on. As long as the grass grows and the water runs. And while I’m here on earth. I’ll rejoice in it’s worth. Cuz’ Freedom is Free. Freedom is Free. And you can’t take that away from me...you can’t control how I feel no way. Cuz’ Freedom is Free. Freedom is Free. And you can’t take that away from nobody.”

—“Freedom is Free”, Chicano Batman


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Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our June 2018 issue, we have highlighted “Summer Of Lust and Lies”, a digital photograph by high school junior Joeli Schwartz. The photo centers around the idea of slowing down and allowing for the pure and beautiful, but, harbors a dark undertone of personal ambition-— pride. Our Issue 8 feature, which will be released mid-June, is Jordi Kligman, a high school senior who came out as gay a teenager and takes us through his coming out journey. “Summer Of Lust and Lies” and Kligman are a perfect representation of the June 2018 theme— PRIDE. How can we adjust the lens through which we view ourselves and TAKE STOCK OF WHO WE ARE AS HUMAN BEINGS?


June 2018 is dedicated to the painters, poets, rebels, ORIGINALS who are ready to take a moment to be proud of who they are and experience true freedom. 










"Often times, your weeks become so hectic, and you will forget how important the things are that are right in front of you.  We took a random Tuesday to go to the beach because it was a pure and beautiful day."