JULY 2018

Volume I — Issue 9: GOD BLESS AMERICA


This beautiful backyard summer scene you see before you is the current hideout of a notorious beauty, the filthiest person alive!

Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our July 2018 issue, we have highlighted “My Pink Flamingo Love Story”, a digital photograph by high school junior Sam Goodman. In our first official Beautiful Bizarre photoshoot, Goodman took inspiration from John Waters’ Pink Flamingos and Divine, the queen of filth. The photo is an homage to tack, trash, and Trump. “The Divine and Disgusting” photo series is a representation of the July 2018 theme— GOD BLESS AMERICA. A trailer-trash Trump troll and her simmer down in the summer sun.

July 2018 is dedicated to the trashiest, filthiest, most disgustingly beautiful painters, poets, REBELS, originals.





"my pink flamingo love story"

Sam Goodman




"I was inspired by John Waters' Pink Flamingos and the filth of Divine. The idea of a white trash America is so comical to me. The tacky, unpolished qualities of that world inspired the summer scene you see the this photo series. It's not political commentary, it's just stupid."