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november 2018

VOLUME II - ISSUE 1 - Visualize

Every month, I sit and write a flowery, Hemingway-esque description of each issue and its theme. Read them all below! This month, I challenge you, the daring, bold readers of Beautiful Bizarre, to visualize this one for yourself. We are officially one year from our launch date- Thanksgiving 2017. S0, this holiday season I invite you to be a painter, a poet, a rebel, an original and imagine, dream, imagine, dream, imagine, dream a future you want to be a part of. What does it look like?

So scroll, scroll, scroll.





“Toxic Person”

Joeli Schwartz

Digital Photography


“When brainstorming for this issue, one of our freelancers, Joeli, sent me a series of photos all of which had these incredibly expressive eyes. Eyes are a cliche, an art go-to that I think lends itself to laziness. These are not the windows to the soul, they’re not the eye of the beholder. These aren’t wide shut or that of the tiger. I place these eyes before you, dilated, drained, doleful, as a challenge. There is something incredibly profound about the human ability, urge to create. I invite you to tap into this instinct and to visualize. Indulge in whatever that means to you. Unrestricted. Unregulated. Completely inspired.”




Volume I