Jaki Nelson releases new single and music video “High Wasted”

Reporting By Sam Goodman

In collaboration with RAYNE, Billboard artist Jaki Nelson released “High Wasted” a single that explores romance and sexuality while on tour. Editor in Chief Sam Goodman sits down with Jaki to hear about her inspiration and artistic process.


When and how did the process of creating "High Wasted" begin?

““High Wasted” came about after I met my friend Rayne [from] “America’s Got Talent” last year at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner. He was moving here to Los Angeles from New York and wanted to find new people to collaborate with in the pop music realm. I had heard some of his work already at this point, so I was super excited to work with him.”


What is the main message behind the song?

“It’s a tale as old as touring. It’s written for and about that person who falls for the lead singer, but with an honest twist: they only like you when you’ve just stepped off that stage, when you’re that rockstar for the night.”  


How do you approach the creative process and how did that translate into creating "High Wasted"?

 ““High Wasted” is one of my favorite songs that I’ve written because it came in a different way than the rest of my songs usually do. I was staring into my underwear drawer and I thought, "High Wasted... that should be a song." And as I drove to my first writing session with Rayne after he moved here, I wrote the whole chorus acapella about this girl I know that only ever likes me right after I've played a show and we're High & Wasted. Every word of this song is completely honest and historically accurate.”

All photos and videos provided by Jaki

All photos and videos provided by Jaki