"Kashni (Hazel)"


Tamanna Sood


November 2017: Empowerment

Volume I - Issue 1


Kashni (Hazel) by artist Tamanna Sood is a paint on canvas piece inspired by the popular Punjabu folk song "Ik Meri Ankh Kashni".

       "My Nanima (grandmother) used to sing [Ik Meri Ankh Kashni] to me all the time, and [it was really] a muse to me. It is about a woman who had just gotten married and her new family created so many so many problems for her, creating a kashni (hazel) effect over her eyes. But, in end, it doesn't matter because her love for her husband was so strong," Sood said.

       Through her art, Sood hopes to give a voice to the Indian Diaspora, inspiring our theme for Issue 1, November 2017, EMPOWERMENT.