Keeping it Casj

This is the outfit for those days when you want to look put together but not even an espresso can help.  I’ve been there (I am there every morning). You’ve been there.  We will continue to be there in our fast paced, sleep deprived world.  So, I am sharing my go to outfit techniques to still look like you give a hoot when you don’t even know what day it is.

Graphic tees are your best friend, the sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.  My closet is stocked with oversized band tees and random artwork slapped onto a shirt that tuck perfectly into a belt.  They’re comfy and they’re cute (if you style them).






Next, a good pair of jeans—the stretchy kind.  No one wants to be trapped in some stretch-less denim, so grab a pair of good, stretchy jeans— think American Eagle, H&M, Forever 21.  They’re inexpensive and they last a decent amount of time for the price.  I prefer ripped jeans because to me they’re cuter than regular jeans, but either way congratulate yourself for putting pants on.



Lastly, shoooeeeesss.  Shoes are my favorite part of any outfit.  Since you’re going for the whole “I tried but really didn’t look”, I suggest a pair of loafers.  Sneakers are too obvious of a choice, heels are a no go, and normal flats don’t add the spice you need.  Slip on loafers can be your new bff —after graphic tees obvs.  They’re easy, you can slide them off and let your feet breathe under the desk or during lunch.  Also the sound of the backs hitting the floor gives you the satisfaction of stilettos hitting hardwood but you can actually walk in these…

Forever 21 sells them for just under $20, H&M has super cute pointed ones on sale right now, and pretty much every other store has backless loafers right now! Ripped jeans, they’re everywhere and you can always find them cheap, same with tees.  Super easy, affordable and put together without being uncomfortable!


Shirt + shoes: Forever 21. I found my jeans at the Fashion District in DTLA so I don’t know what store they’re from.