"In the eye of the beholder"


Sam GOodman

Digital Photography

December 2017: Emergence

Volume I - Issue 2


‘What advice would you give to a young person with a disability similar to yours?’, I asked Lauren Sammons as she looked at me with her multi-colored eyes and keyhole pupil.

“I would say ‘take the advice that I don’t take myself— embrace it because it’s unique, don’t try to hide it. Embrace it, because it’s…'

“It’s what?” I asked.

“It’s beautiful”...

       Our cover photo for December 2017 depicts Lauren Sammons, an artist who sees is blind out of one eye and sees double out of the other. Though others find Sammon's multi-colored eyes to be fascinating, Lauren herself cannot find the beauty that her peers see so clearly.

       "I see an array of colors mixed with black and white...and that's beautifully bizarre..." Sammons said.

       Thus, December '17 was dedicated to those who have not yet embraced their oddities, presenting our theme for Issue 2: EMERGENCE.