We all have that all goth outfit that makes us look like we sit in our rooms all day, shop at Hot Topic, and yell at our mom when she says it’s just a phase, but monochrome looks that you adored when you were 15 can be chic, sophisticated, and elevated.

I, personally, am a big fan of all black, all white, all red, yellow, gray, etc. I love the look, but sometimes I feel like I look crazy or drab. So, here are some quick tips to making one color really P O P.

When it comes to monochrome, I like to add a subtle touch of a different color just to give it some contrast.  If I were to wear all white, I might add a black jacket or a yellow pair of shoes.  If I were to wear all red, I might wear a touch of hot pink to keep that brightness but also add contrast that gives the outfit more dimension.

In addition to that, I like to have fun with texture.  Monochrome can get very boring with just a straight tee and some jeans.  Try wearing a ruffled black shirt with black leather jeans, a white lace shirt with denim, a silky green skirt with a cotton shirt and a leather belt.  While all the colors are the same, the difference in material makes it stand out better adds contrast while remaining in the same color palette and makes the outfit more flattering.

My final tip is monochrome doesn’t have to just be colors, you could have a monoprint outfit, a monotextured outfit, etc. The list goes on. Try wearing two different colors of polka dots with a plain jacket. It works, I promise…and it’s cute.

Whatever you do, keep it interesting and have fun exploring new options!

This is a look I tried the other day. All black, but a pop of color to contrast.  Also the fact that the pants are culottes, not jeans, add dimension to the outfit drawing away from the fact that it’s all black; rather, making it standout because the variance in shape in visually appealing.

The mules are from Boohoo & the culottes are from Banana Republic.