From L.a. to n.y.

NY Day 2.jpg

        A few weeks ago I got to spend the weekend in New York City!!!! WOOHOO!

        New York is unbelievably different than L.A. and I loved every minute of it. The second I stepped off the  plane it was just a different vibe.  In Los Angeles when you pass someone on the street they usually smile at  you— probably because of our desire to seem like those happy beach kids that go from Malibu to Hollywood  then to Ventura all within 10 minutes like you see in movies, or because we’re all snakes and just want to seem nice. Either way, we greet each other. Well, I was very shocked when one of the girls on my trip told me I needed to stop smiling at everyone before, and I quote, “I get fought”.

        Needless to say, it was an experience, but a good one, even though I didn’t get to eat a NY bagel, pretzel, or hot dog. I did have a slice of pizza though….it was very anticlimactic. 

        Anyway, you can see my NY fits and fashions below... 



DAY 1:

Since it was a bit chillier than L.A. I got to wear long sleeves, leather AND A HAT! I wore this conductor hat from H&M, a black turtleneck, these cargo pants from Urban Outfitters and this vintage belt I thrifted.


DAY 2:

I’m forever wearing Air Force 1 but they really go with everything and they’re so comfortable.  I wore them with faux (bc we love the animals duh) leather culottes from Boohoo, and off the shoulder striped shirt (I made it from an oversized collared shirt I found on sale at Old Navy.  All you do is make sure the shirt can fit your shoulders, slouch it back, button it as far as you want…I pushed it back farther because I wanted to tie it.)

NY 2.jpg