Film and Music

Film: A motion picture.


Music: Vocal or instrumental sounds combined to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.


April 2018

volume I - Issue 6


"Never Know That"

Music by Eva Rose

Calliope Music Group



March 2018

volume I - Issue 5


"A California Winter at Dusk"

Flim by Joeli Schwartz



February 2018

volume I - Issue 4

IMG_4937 (2).JPG


Music by Alec Reinhardt

Calliope Music Group



January 2018

volume I - Issue 3  


"Tuesday, October 24th"

Directed by Joeli Schwartz

Music Video

"Morning Realize"

Music by Search for Delicious 

Video By Eric Abell



November 2017

volume I - Issue 1

Short Film

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 8.53.44 PM.png

"My Little Secret"

written and directed by joeli Schwartz




"Marching to the Beat"

Music By Justin Time

"I was inspired by drumline and the song "Freedom" by BeyoncĂ©.  Freedom uses a military style beat and I wanted to capture that by using self recorded samples.  I recorded all of the drumline parts after drumline practice one day, then recorded a 5-piece kit on top, and to finalize the percussion, I added a loop to get into a nice groove. The synth stuff was a mashup of a random chord progression I was working on and something I did wrong turned into a new idea. From there I wrote vocals and the track was born," Time said.

Film Set


"in Black and White"

A Set by Isaac Harris


Music Video


Music By Talk 

"We wanted to capture a unique sound that demonstrated all of our creative talents.  The main singer, RJ, is a spoken word artist from Little Rock and a contemporary ballet dancer.  We all worked on the songwriting process together and came out with a catchy pop song that is different from the rest!" Producer Justin Time said.