Film and Music

Film: A motion picture.


Music: Vocal or instrumental sounds combined to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Summer 2019

volume II - Issue 3


“High Wasted”

Single and Music Video by Jaki Nelson



Winter 2019

volume II - Issue 2


Flim by Spencer Goldfarb

Cupid’s Hot Dogs

Flim by Spencer Goldfarb


Fall 2018

volume II - Issue 1


“Run FOr the River”

Music by Maccabee

April 2018

volume I - Issue 6


"Never Know That"

Music by Eva Rose

Calliope Music Group



March 2018

volume I - Issue 5


A California Winter at Dusk

Flim by Joeli Schwartz



February 2018

volume I - Issue 4

IMG_4937 (2).JPG


Music by Alec Reinhardt

Calliope Music Group



January 2018

volume I - Issue 3  

Tuesday, October 24tH

Directed by Joeli Schwartz

"Morning Realize”

Music by Search for Delicious 

Video By Eric Abell



November 2017

volume I - Issue 1

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 8.53.44 PM.png

My Little SecreT

written and directed by joeli Schwartz




"Marching to the Beat"

Music By Justin Time

"I was inspired by drumline and the song "Freedom" by Beyoncé.  Freedom uses a military style beat and I wanted to capture that by using self recorded samples.  I recorded all of the drumline parts after drumline practice one day, then recorded a 5-piece kit on top, and to finalize the percussion, I added a loop to get into a nice groove. The synth stuff was a mashup of a random chord progression I was working on and something I did wrong turned into a new idea. From there I wrote vocals and the track was born," Time said.


"in Black and White"

Film Set by Isaac Harris


Music Video


Music By Talk 

"We wanted to capture a unique sound that demonstrated all of our creative talents.  The main singer, RJ, is a spoken word artist from Little Rock and a contemporary ballet dancer.  We all worked on the songwriting process together and came out with a catchy pop song that is different from the rest!" Producer Justin Time said.