my fashion log: For the Ladies

  By Lauren Onelum

Editor In Chief 


Welcome kiddies to my corner of the online world!  I love to travel, read and SHOP!!  My style is very eclectic and it’s constantly changing.  I would describe it as a combination of a tomboy who was styled by Beyoncé and Thomas Jefferson walking into a high school in the 90s.  Ruffles, lace, bright colors, big sleeves, cool jackets, statement shoes and a big head of curls to accompany each look. Needless to say, it is very much so its own, inspired by itself and very, very fun.  I buy most of my clothes from Boohoo, ASOS, Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.


February 2018

Volume I - Issue 4

check it out.jpg

Check it Out Why Don't YOu?

 I don’t know what else to tell you other than I am in a committed relationship with gingham and putting camisoles on top of t-shirts.

Purse 1.jpg

Drop the Purse Hun!

My mom: “LAUREN WHERE IS YOUR WALLET??!!!!!” (You know what it is).

Concert 1.jpg

Concert Wear: Chicano Batman

I always find events to be the most difficult thing to dress for. What’s the mood? What is everyone else wearing? Will it be hot or cold in the venue?


January 2018

Volume I - Issue 3

Peddel to the Metal 1.jpg

Pedal to the Metal

There are adventures right in your own back yard! Get out and explore your city kids. 

Red 2.jpg

Lady in red

I always have the best adventures when I go somewhere I don’t want to. Here is my journey through Montrose...SO CUTE!!! Red is skyrocketing as the next 'in vogue' color and I am really feeling it...are you?


We all have that all goth outfit that makes us look like we sit in our rooms all day, shop at Hot Topic, and yell at our mom when she says it’s just a phase, but monochrome looks that you adored when you were 15 can be chic, sophisticated, and elevated.


December 2017

Volume I - Issue 2


CLassy (and a lil' Sassy)

The better, the more it looks like a hand me down from Thomas Jefferson, THE BETTER...


Keeping it Caj

This is the outfit for those days when you want to look put together but not even an espresso can help.  


SAvvy shopping 101

This is my guide to finding cute looks without breaking the bank.        


November 2017

Volume I - Issue 1


Day n' Night

My first music festival meant sweat, lots of it, forgetting to eat, breaking my backpack in several mosh pits, and, of course, how could I forget, the pretty good music.

Ny Stairs.jpg


A few weeks ago I got to spend the weekend in New York City!!!!! WOOHOO! New York is unbelievably different than L.A. and I loved every minute of it.