March 2018

Volume I — Issue 5: Through the Fire, From The Ashes


How do you rebuild after a fire? HOW CAN YOU? How do you rebound after heartbreak? HOW DO YOU? How can you recover from a burn; through the fire, from the ashes, recuperated, rallied, and reinvented? HOW WILL YOU?

Beautiful Bizarre is an online magazine that releases a new issue on the first of every month. In our March 2018 issue, we have highlighted El Diablo, an acrylic painting and newspaper collage by high school junior and art student Bella Wayans. Inspired by abstract portraits, "El Diablo" does not use the typical representation of fire as a destructive force, but instead, applies fire as a force of good. We had the opportunity to feature VIZIN, a Native American drag artist who, through the idea of the Two Spirit, the Native American term for an androgynous person with both the male and female spirit, is on a personal journey of reinventing who she is both in and out of drag. Through these ideas of a CLEANSING and REINVENTION OF ONESELF, El Diablo and VIZIN encapsulate the Beautiful Bizarre theme for March 2018— THROUGH THE FIRE, FROM THE ASHES. How can you emerge from adversity, from destruction, and create SOMETHING FROM NOTHING?

March 2018 is dedicated to the painters, poets, rebels, ORIGINALS who make treasure from trash, from riches from rags, and magic from tragic. To the originals who reinvent who they are. So scroll, scroll, scroll…






Bella Wayans

Acrylic Paint, Newspaper Collage


       Inspired by abstract portraits junior Bella Wayans created "El Diablo", not using the typical representation of fire as a destructive force, but instead, applying it as a positive force of cleansing and renewal.

       I put the blue in the background to be a cool tone to contrast the red, and then I did the flames because that was the only element that I knew I wanted to incorporate. I was so happy when I found the [piece of newspaper] my face because I was really stuck on what to do and then I found this glass sculpture in a newspaper and it was perfect because it looks like fire but it’s abstract and really interesting," Wayans said.

       This positive use of fire and idea of renewal inspired March 2018's theme: THROUGH THE FIRE, FROM THE ASHES.