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By Sam Goodman


I was literally so excited for Korean BBQ. All I wanted to do was transform in to Bobby Flay and start grilling. Let's get into it!


Starters and Sides

When we first sat down, we were served a bunch of little bowls of starters: seaweed, broccoli in sesame, lotus root with teriyaki, bok choy, and salad. I loved all of these starters, especially the broccoli and lotus root. They were both incredibly flavorful and the lotus tasted like chicken so it almost felt like a main dish. The seaweed was salty and the salad was pretty plain. These sides were great while deciding what to order off of their huge menu. 5/5.


grilled vegetables 

After about 10 minutes, the waiter brought out a platter of vegetables with zucchini, squash, mushroom, bean sprouts, and potatoes. I really liked the zucchini, which I usually hate, and the potatoes were good as well. 5/5 for the veggies!



Stone Pot Rice and our bbq fail

The stone pot rice was probably the best thing I had all day. The wide variety of vegetables, crispy kimchi rice, and fiery, spicy flavor created a great bowl that I literally could have eaten all of. For some reason, even though the portions were huge, I never got full off of this dish. As for our epic fail, we let the veggies cook for too long and we burnt them (tragic). But, as we cooked and ate the flavor was great. 5/5 for the stone pot rice!


Final Thoughts

For my first time having Korean BBQ, I was pleasantly surprised. And ironically, the starters and stone pot rice were better than the grilled vegetables. The broccoli and lotus root and crispy kimchi rice felt more like a main dish than the BBQ. I really enjoyed my time at Park's. The food was flavorful, the service was great, and overall, 5/5 stars!