PODCASTS KILLED THE RADIO STAR: ‘Driving on full’ Podcast review

By Sam Goodman

Whenever I’m feeling particularly musically uninspired, I turn to the podcast app to entertain me. On long car rides, walks with my dog, or taxing homework assignments, podcasts are the perfect thing to kill some time and distract from any unenjoyable activities. Here are a couple podcasts to consider from a couple different genres!


“The Ground Up Show”

Matt D'Avella

“The Ground Up Show” is one of the most interesting and thought provoking podcasts I've ever stumbled upon. Host Matt D’Avella invites a wide array of guest hosts to hear about their experiences as young creators and entrepreneurs. In Episode 92 “Slow Fashion”, D’Avella sits down with Dani Nagel of Daisy LA to discuss the fast fashion industry and her contribution to the sustainable clothing community. In Episode 98 “The Business of Coffee”, Chris Baca, founder of Cat and Cloud Coffee, joins the show to discuss the coffee industry, the work of baristas, and how he managed to create his own shop. In Episode 103 “The Loneliness Epidemic”, D’Avella and NYT Bestselling author Johann Hari discuss how technology and social media has contributed to further disconnection and the rise in mental illness. An amazing supplement to D’Avella’s YouTube Channel, “The Ground Up Show” allows listeners to learn more about their favorite topics from true industry professionals.


“Sibling Rivalry”

Bob the Drag Queen and Monet Exchange

“Sibling Rivalry” hosted by Bob the Drag Queen and Monet Exchange is like listening back to a tape of your most recent family dinner. With heated debates and casual banter, this podcast is so alluring because the hosts offer an array of opinions while presenting them with great chemistry. The drag queen hosts tackle topics such as fear, sex, cancel culture, the holidays, and veganism in 40-70 minute episodes. In my favorite episode “The One About Sex”, the queens exchange embarrassing hookup stories from their time living in New York. “Sibling Rivalry is the perfect podcast to put on when you need a good laugh and casual fun.


“Jenna + Julien Podcast”

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

The “Jenna + Julien Podcast” is honestly one of the most fun, enjoyable podcasts i’ve ever listened too. The couple who got their start (separately) on YouTube over 10 years ago use their chemistry to host this weekly podcast. Playing games such as Snake Oil, Shark Tank, Guess That Recipe, What’s That Sound, Celebrity Trivia, and Perfect Pitch, Jenna and Julien provide an hour of pure joy. Additionally, the hosts discuss self care, current events, conspiracy theories, astrology, and childhood. This podcast is my number one pick for long car rides!!! Check it out for the morning commute.


“Whimsically Volatile”

Katya Zamolodchikova and Craig MacNeil

If you love all things drag, this is the podcast for you. Drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova and movie buff and pop culture expert Craig MacNeil talk about love, drag, sex, and drugs. With special guests such as Miz Cracker, James St. James, Valentina, BibleGirl, Alaska, Willam, Bianca Del Rio, Meatball, Gia Gunn, and so many more, Katya and Craig host riveting interview and get the true inside scoop on the LGBTQ+ community. The two also have a Patreon with extended interviews, movie reviews, and more exclusive content.