Poetry and prose

Poetry: literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

Prose: written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.

Spring 2019

Volume II - Issue 3

Poetry by Anna Harberger


“Nowhere Near”

“Watching the Clock”

Winter 2019

Volume II - Issue 2

Prose by Anna Harberger

“The Bus” Part 1

“The Bus” Part 2

“The Bus” Part 3



Fall 2018

Volume II - Issue 1

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs


I found hope in the light of the moon



September 2018

Volume I - Issue 11

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs

"We Saw a Rainbow"



August 2018

Volume i - Issue 10

Poetry by Sam Goodman

"A Love Letter to the Readily Unaware and Supremely Desired"


July 2018

Volume i - Issue 9

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs

"I have something in common with the moon"

"Then Came You (part two)"

June 2018

Volume i - Issue 8

Poetry by Anna Harberger

"To Someone Who Might Know Better"

"Sunday, September 17, 2017"


May 2018

Volume i - Issue 7

Poetry by Anna Harberger

"December 13th"

"I Want to be a witch"



April 2018

Volume i - Issue 6

Poetry by Anna Harberger


"feeling amicable in mid city" 

"Home (Part 1)"


March 2018

Volume i - Issue 5

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs


Feeling stuck...

"Borrowed Time"

Not wasting time...

February 2018

Volume i - issue 4

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs


Girl in bloom...

"Glad to the brink of fear"

Consistent inconsistency...

"Then Came You"

For you...

January 2018

Volume i - issue 3

Poetry by Makenna Kovacs

"We Forget"

Failing to recognize perspective... 


"In Between"

Exploring the grey area...


Refusing conformity in society...



 Introspective thought on heartache...


My fucking anxiety...


"Where's my MInd"

Acknowledging both fantasy and reality...