EPISODE 6: Kitty Girls



The eliminated queens return and challenge the top 5 to a kitty girl battle with looks inspired by the Spice Girls.

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Bebe Zahara Benet— Season 1: Jungle Kitty

Ok Nina Bonina Brown. But beside that, this is jungle kitty boots the house down mama realness okrrrr. From the lioness wig to the thigh high boot, TOOT.

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Ben DeLa Creme— Season 6: Goth Kitty

This look is so different for Ben and it is working. The hair, pale foundation, Wednesday Adams look, and wedge sneakers all scream goth kitty. TOOT.

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Kennedy Davenport— Season 7: Diva Kitty

To me a diva commands the stage and doesn't care who she's stepping over to get the spotlight. This look however is renaissance fashion with a questionable purple bang. BOOT.

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Morgan McMichaels— Season 2: Bimbo Kitty

Mazel tov Morgan for your epic return! Now, the point of this challenge is to create a girl group inspired look and Morgan nailed it. This plaid number is very bimbo and from top to bottom the look is perfection. TOOT.

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Shangela— Season 2 and 3: Sparkle Kitty

YES SHANGELA. Season 2 Shangy, who's she? The whipped hair, expensive outfit, padding, and beat face are all giving me very sparkle kitty. OMG I CAN't. TOOT.

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Trixie Mattel— Season 7: Nymphomaniac Mathlete Kitty

Ok Kim Chi. Anyway. This look is cute and fun and is giving me slut dressing up as a nerd for Halloween. TOOT.


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