Ricky Rebel Rocks Controversial Grammys look


Reporting by Sam Goodman


Bisexual artist and Grammy nominee Ricky Rebel sported this Keep America Great Again Jacket to the 2019 Grammys. While some may question his self proclaimed Republicanism, Rebel stands firmly in his attempt to show his audience the importance of freedom of speech and expression.


What inspired your Grammys look?

“I had to come out of the closet twice- once as a bisexual man and now as a Trump supporter. I wrote an album called “The New Alpha” and it was up for consideration for the Grammys. I wanted to wear something that represented what an Alpha means to me and President Trump is a big Alpha. I’m an Alpha too, but I’m just a little more fabulous version. I don’t apologize for anything.”


Who designed the suit?

“The Keep America Great Suit was designed by the genius Andre Soriano. He was the one who created the MAGA dress. We wanted to do the male version for the Grammys”


Did you expect such intense backlash?

 “It’s 90% positive and 10% negative. I knew it was coming, but I did not expect death threats and the amount of hatred from some of the LGBT community. I have advocated for gay rights my entire career. There are gays who have come out in droves in support of me. They too have felt like they have been silenced and unable to express any point of view that differs from the left. They fear losing their jobs, their “friendships,” and safety. They thank me for having the courage to come out. I get a lot of letters from people who said that it was bold and brave. Even the ones who do not like president Trump still respect my freedom of speech and expression.”


Why did you decide to wear the suit?

“My parents are Republicans and have always loved and accepted me for who I am. President Trump has inspired me over the years to be a leader.  I am a proud American and love this country for everything that it has given me.  It was my time to step up, be a man, tell the truth, and be an inspiration to millions of Americans who feel like they had been forced into the closet. My message is simple. We are all Americans and Donald J. Trump is our President. It’s ok to be a Republican. You can vote for whoever you want.”


What does he have to say to the people sending him any hate?

“To my haters, when you type my name on your keyboard or your smartphone to vomit hate and vitriol about me just make sure you spell my name correctly it’s R-I-C-K-Y. I hate it when people spell my name wrong. To my new fans and followers who are free-thinking, freedom-loving people I say that It wasn’t just my moment, it was a moment for all of us.  There are millions of us out there and I am so proud to represent a reflection of America. I love you all.”