“Run For the River”

Music By Maccabee

Art designed by Courtney Frazier (@o_ courtney _0)

Art designed by Courtney Frazier (@o_courtney_0)


“The song is all about needing time away. My whole life I’ve been an entertainer in one way or another and recently began to get really overwhelmed with that and question myself, realizing I need some time and space for myself. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOY AND THE BEAUTY YOU CAN FIND WHEN ALONE. I’ve been into music my entire life and I wish I had a better explanation [for why] but it’s just as simple as that. I’ve always expressed myself through art. I FIND SELF EXPRESSION TO BE SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE IF YOU KEEP THOSE THINGS IN IT CAN COMPLETELY DESTROY YOU AND HOLD YOU BACK FROM MOVING ON. My favorite band has a quote that I think expresses this idea really well: ‘to be held within oneself is deathlike, oh, I know.’