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Ok, kiddies. I've arrived to help you navigate the muddy waters of ugly basketball shoes and Anti Social Social Club hoodies. Harsh? Maybe. But that's fashion, darling. Here I'll offer tips, tricks, and advice for a range of shoppers from the bold lovers of color to those just looking to blend in. And if you find yourself lost in a sea of Insta-trends, always remember to never wear head-to-toe black, always make a statement, and be you. Dive in, there are clothes to be worn.


Streetwear Basics: My three go-to looks

july 2o18

Volume I - Issue 9

We all have that one shirt at the top of our drawer just waiting to be worn every third day. You know the one that when we wear it all of our friends are like 'oh look the same ratty red T-shirt AGAIN’. Well, you're not alone. Here are my go-tos and a few tips to amp up your old favorites.