Savvy Shopping 1o1


None of us want to be singing I have “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  pennies in my bank account”.  WE WANT THOSE Ms!!!!!!!!! But, let’s be honest, when you’re a student, it’s hard to keep everything balanced.  Food, school, books, food, food, food…

I am a senior in high school but have had a job for almost two years.  It has opened my mind to the value of a dollar.  Eighty dollars isn’t so cheap when you realize that was literally your whole shift and overtime *cries*.  BUT, no need to fear, super shopper Lauren in here!

Because I’ve been making my own money for a while, I’ve figured out the best places and tips for getting the clothes I want without spending my whole pay check.

Here are my 5 tips for shopping on a budget.

ONE: STUDENT DISCOUNTS Sign up for student discount sites. Sites like UNIDAYS (my fave), Student Beans, even Groupon are awesome for students. All you have to do is sign up with your institution, confirm your email and you get access to hundreds of exclusive discount codes for stores like Urban Outfitters, Uggs, Adidas and ASOS just to name a few.  They have sections for clothing, shoes, designer brands, accessories, shoes, appliances, basically anything a student of any age would need.

TWO: THRIFT STORES ARE A TRAP! I cannot emphasize this enough.  While I’m sure there was once a day when thrift stores served the purpose they’re supposed to, thrift shopping has become gentrified. Whenever I go thrifting the prices are way beyond the value because thrift shops know teenage kids looking for that grunge, tracksuits, Generation Z look will pay $40 for a pair of pants that originally sold for much less. If you’re looking to save money I would stay away from big name thrift/consignment stores like Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange.  If you’re really into thrifting find low key ones like the $1 Sunday sale in the Fairfax district.

THREE: SALEEEES: There are some stores that have really great sales.  Urban Outfitters, H&M, Boohoo and ASOS are definitely my GO TO for sale.  Their sales are so fabuloussss because they sell on trend and in season even within their sale section whereas with stores like Forever 21 I can only find their last season’s items in the sale section. 

FOUR: LADIES, LADIES, LADIES, LADIES, LISTEN UP! WEAR VS. VALUE: When you’re trying to save money but still keep that fit poppin’, buying cheap clothes isn’t always the best way to go. You could buy 10 shirts for $50 but at the end of the day, if those shirts are poor quality, you’re just going to end up spending that money again in a few months—or weeks—when they shrink and rip.  Buy items that are good quality but that are versatile. Don’t buy a fur coat for $4,000 if you live in socal, you’ll wear it for 5 seconds, lose it in your closet and regret the money you wasted. Whenever you’re considering the price of an item, calculate an average amount of times you think you’ll wear it and divide the cost by that.  For example, I found a super cute shirt the other day but it was a little over $50 and not something I would wear often.  I averaged maybe I’d wear it 3 times. $57/3 times.  Then you decide whether or not it’s worth it.  

FIVE: STOP IMPULSE BUYING. This might seem like common sense, but I know more than anyone walking through the mall and not buying anything is the hardest form of self-control.  If you love shopping like me, practice going to the mall, picking things out and not buying them.  Then, if they’re still lingering in your mind later, go back and buy it.  Sometimes I go to the mall and fall so in love with a piece that I get so caught up in the moment I don’t realize it doesn’t match my wardrobe and I would never wear it.  I find that actually evaluating everything I buy with actual consideration saves me more money than any discount.  So, stop wasting money on clothes that you’ll never take the tags off of and that will sit in your closet until you outgrow  them and give them away.