The painters.

The poets.

The rebels.

The originals.


Sam Goodman

Creator and  Editor in Chief 

Sam Goodman is an eleventh grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, he works on his school newspaper, The Standard, as the Senior Managing Editor, and his school yearbook, The Canyon, as the Editor in Chief. With an interest in fashion, and design, Goodman created Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in hopes of generating content that is stimulating and eyebrow-raising. "Beautiful and bizarre aren't as polarized as people think; that's the whole idea behind this project. Sometimes it can be hard for people to find the beauty within themselves. That is what we do here," Goodman said.

"Do you ever walk down the aisle of a grocery store, or a hallway at school, and suddenly you're on a runway? ... anyway ..." —Sam Goodman



Editor in Chief

Lauren Onelum is a twelfth grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, she is the Editor In Chief of her school yearbook. Onelum has an interest in tea, French merchandise, Gucci slides, vintage clothing, and pretending she's from the 1800s.  "I think that I'm beautiful but in a bizarre way. My laugh, my obsession with anything old, drinking smoothies with kale in them, my eclectic sense of style, the way I'm a nerd one second and then a party obsessed girl the next— they're beautiful bizarre," Onelum said.                                                                                                                     

"I hope our readers will embrace their eclecticism and find pride in being utterly themselves." —Lauren Onelum



Managing Editor

Bella Wayans is an eleventh grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, she works on her school newspaper as the Editorial Editor in Chief Features Editor and literary magazine as the Art Editor. Wayans has a passion for writing and art and hopes to use Beautiful Bizarre as a platform to express herself in an entertaining way. "I identify as beautiful because I am," Wayans said.

"Through self expression you can learn more about yourself and you can share a part of that experience with others." —Bella Wayans


KassiDy Evans


Kassidy Evans is an eleventh grader at Cleveland High School. Though she has always enjoyed and participated in many forms of art, Evans has developed a special love for painting, influenced by her mom, a painter, and the works of Gustav Klimt and Richard Stine. Since then, Evans has completed almost 30 original pieces.  "I always best express myself and the beautiful oddities of life through painting," Evans said. 


Makenna Kovacs


Makenna Kovacs is an eleventh grader at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, CA. There, she performs on her school dance team. With a passion for playing piano, guitar, ukulele, and writing poetry, Kovacs hopes her work inspires her readers, providing them with a place to be as raw and emotional as they feel the need to be. “Beauty is not only surface level. It can manifest itself in strange and unusual places and strange and unusual’s bizarre,” Kovacs said.


Audrey Bresler


Audrey Bresler is an eleventh grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, is she in Honors Photography III. With a passion for theater, film, and almost everything art related, Bresler, starting photography six years ago, hopes to take beautiful, eye-catching photos that others can enjoy. 


Marisa Groch


Marisa Groch is an eleventh grader at Calabasas High School. Since its inception, Groch has provided Beautiful Bizarre Magazine with photography for our culture section, posing for stunning photos for trends and favorites articles. Groch has also begun writing for our fashion section. 


Joeli Schwartz


Joeli Schwartz is an eleventh grader at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California. There, she is a 2nd year member of the advanced video class in the  Digital Media Arts Academy. Schwartz hopes she can reach out to people through her films so she can to take them to a different world for a few minutes. "The art of surprise is something I’ve always love and when it’s blended with comedy I think it is a beautiful thing," Schwartz said. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 4.53.06 PM.png

Isaac Harris


Issac Harris is an eleventh grader at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in Los Angeles, California. Harris makes his films independently, submitting to festivals and using school equipment. Harris is passionate about filmmaking, music, movies, and photography. Harris hopes that his films inspire emotion in his audience. Harris finds sharing his films to be like sharing a memory or an old story. "I identify as more bizarre, but I think beauty has its place in my films," Harris said. 

"I’ve found my voice through a lens, so I hope that my films can help viewers find their own lense."     — Isaac Harris


Anna Harberger


Anna Hargerger is an eleventh grader at Sierra Canyon School. There, she is the Director of Design of The Standard newspaper and the Design Editor of The Rambler literary magazine. Anna is an aspiring poet, writer, graphic designer, and lover of san serif fonts, Abba, and Joan Didion.


Tamanna Sood


Tamanna Sood is a tenth grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, she works on her school newspaper as a staff writer, and literary magazine as an Assistant Editor. Sood has been taking art classes for seven years and loves to express her Indian-American identity through her work. "I hope my work gives a voice to the Indian Disaspora," Sood said.


Joshua Park   


Josh Park is an eleventh grader at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. There, he works on his school's literary magazine, The Rambler, as the Photo Editor. With a passion for photography, surfing, anything French, and cooking, Park hopes to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Park hopes his work stimulates his viewers. "I identify as beautiful because even though I like being different and unique, I'll usually choose the more pretty than the unique," Park said.

"I am just a classic type of guy." —Josh Park


Calliope Music Group Logo.jpg.jpeg

Calliope Music Group

Calliope Music Group (CMG) is a music management and promotion group founded by Aidan Schechter, a music student and producer at Emory University, and Bailey Gore, a music business student at the NYU Steinhart School. The company’s purpose is to bring new musicians to the world of commercial music through social media strategy, management, promotion and marketing, and licensing and placement. 


Freelancers contribute content but are not part of the official staff.

Eric Abell— Film

Becca Goldman— Art

Erin Jones— Photography

Kendra Landau— Freelancer

Dahlia Low— Photography

Justin Mandel— Music

@missminussized (Instagram)— Photography

Alexa Stiles— Art