Borrow, barter, beg: How to make it work on the go

BY Sam Goodman

When you’re pressed for time getting ready for an at a friends house, sometimes finding an outfit can feel like diffusing a bomb. Slamming dresser drawers and throwing hangers, your bff’s closet is a battle ground, soldier. Now when you’re 5’8’’ and your friend happens to be 5’1’’, the problem only increases exponentially. Here’s how to borrow, barter, beg, and make it work.


When I showed up to my tiny, petite friends house to get ready for her party, all I had with me was a pair of black Urban pants and a prayer. I rifled and searched and scanned for anything that would fit and made some incredible self discoveries. If you’re in a pinch and can’t find a top that fits, a button-up shirt will usually work. As long as the shirt is not cropped, they’re usually one size fits all. Some parts may feel a little tight but that’s what jackets are for. In order to conceal the tightness around your arms, find a jacket that matches the shift. In my case, I matched the blues and nudes of the shirt to a brown and denim jacket. Stun! Never be afraid to try things on and see what works. Just be careful not to rip or tear anything and DO NOT force it. Whatever will be will be. Worst case scenario you go naked, whateva whateva.