Summer trends 2017

     By Sam Goodman

     Editor in Chief 

Photo provided by Marisa Groch

Photo provided by Marisa Groch


As the leaves begin to change colors, the temperature drops (unless you're in L.A.), and our favorite Halloween features hit TV, we take a look back on some of our favorite summer trends. From bold prints, blinding highlighter, and reusable water bottles, to a new viral challenge and voting app, these trends are sure to keep you in the loop.

FASHION and beauty

Monochromatic Fashion: Cherry Red, bright yellow, and millennial pink, these colors have swept the face of fashion, as declared by Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Red— a seductive and classic color that exudes energy, demands attention, and is perfect for any season. Yellow— a confident and courageous color showing your bright, outgoing, and joyful personality, perfect for summer and spring. Millennial pink — timeless, yet very now, and a color that designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Balenciaga are fighting to get their hands on. It’s a color that can represent the past, present, and future of fashion, as seen on the 1930’s Grand Budapest Hotel, and in the future in Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”. 

Print and Pattern: Confidence will never go out of style, and it do take nerve to wear a bold pattern or a tribal print. This summer was no different as we saw the rise of bold, risk-taking Insta-girls and boys taking on these daring statement pieces. Whether its a two piece for the pool, or a sun dress for the boardwalk, these bold prints will let you truly express yourself. So own it, bask in it, and work it


The New Generation of Beauty: With a mission to contour and highlight people of all shades, shapes, and sexes, Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty line dropped on Sept. 8 online and in Sephora. Pinpointing hard to match skin tones and shades, creating universal coverage, Rihanna released over 40 shades of foundation, a lip gloss, a primer, blotting powder and sheets, a line of brushes and tools, and 10 magnetized makeup sticks to conceal, bronze, contour, blush, and highlight, called Match Stix (see below).  Fighting for equal representation and diversity in the beauty community, Fenty Beauty is a brand for creative, inspired, and risk-taking makeup-lovers of all kinds. 

If The Shoe Fits...: From Nikes and Adidas costing $20, to Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana costing up to $995, slides are a trend for everyone— even those not willing to spend their entire life savings on shoes. As brand after brand releases their version of this relaxation staple, this trend continues to slide into the fashion scene full force. To school, the pool, the market, or a party, slides are being worn by some of the biggest names in fashion, icons like Gigi, Bella, Kylie, and Rihanna, creator of Fenty x Puma slides. But, as we slide into fall, you might have to put these away until next summer.


Food and Drinks

Water You Waiting For: With temperatures of 110 degrees and above, staying hydrated this summer was a must. And what better way to stay hydrated than a $50, 32 oz Hydroflask? Coming in seven sizes and 14 colors, ranging from bright yellow to black, you can get a Hydro from REI, Amazon, or You can customize your own on their website with over 183,456 possibilites. Price is based on size— 12 oz bottles are priced at $25, while 60 oz bottles are priced at $60. You can see people sporting Hydros all around L.A., customized and decorated with stickers and designs. So go out and get hydrated...come on, water you waiting for?

La Croix: The water of all water, La Croix has trickled down to teenagers nation wide after 30 years of being sold. This lightly flavored, sugar-free, carbonated water comes in 20 flavors including lime, lemon, orange, berry, mango, coconut, cran-rasberry, and our favorite, pamplemouse. These cans are only $3.69 for 8 cans and you can buy them literally everywhere so you have no excuse not to try. Drink up!


Social Media

The Floor is Lava: It seems like every month a new challenge starts to trend. The Cinnamon, ALS Ice Bucket, Kylie Jenner Lip,  Running Man, and  Mannequin challenges have all gone viral, but, June brought 'The Floor is Lava' challenge. The Floor is Lava is played across all ages when someone shouts "the floor is lava" and the other players respond by finding a place to stand above the ground. If you fail, you get "burnt". Try it now...THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

Like and Comment for a TBH: Practically blowing up overnight, the TBH App soared to the top of the App Store charts. This app requires you to enter your name, age, and grade, and allows you to vote for your friends in yearbook-style superlatives. The questions are all positive, asking things like ‘Master of Sarcasm’, ‘Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World’, and ‘The Person you Admire Most’. You vote for one of four friends, and they are notified that an anonymous person voted for them. This app is the positive alternative to otherwise negative anonymous voting apps. 

Photo provided by Marisa Groch

Photo provided by Marisa Groch