A Day at the museum

By Sam Goodman

There is no better call to action for the artsy, intellectual, fashion lover than an invitation to spend the day at an art museum. Well, my AP Art History field trip to the Getty was my call to action and you best believe I took the opportunity to look my cutest. Check it out!


Rain in Maine? Can’t feel the pain! It’s a rainy spring day at the Getty so I had to come prepared. I may be mixing brands but my tried and true Nike windbreaker was the obvious choice for this rainy day. Reeboks and my Urban pants are a constant but I REALLY got wiggy with my shirt choices. I have been LOVING a t-shirt with a long -sleeve undershirt so I decided to go with my limited edition American Horror Story Vogue t with the classic striped Urban turtleneck. The bold print mixed with the simplicity of the black and white of the rest of the fit make this fit a little less crazy. And, of course, you have to have a hat to keep the rainy day frizz in check. Oh, and these matching Getty umbrellas make the gram WAY more pleasing.