We all have that one shirt at the top of our drawer just waiting to be worn every third day. You know the one that when we wear it all of our friends are like 'oh look the same ratty red tee shirt AGAIN". Well, you're not alone. Here are my go-tos and a few tips to amp up some old favorites. 

Look 1: Yellow? hello!


Owning a plain black or white tee shirt (long sleeve or not) is a great piece to simplify any look while still making a statement. The more simple the shell is, the more bold you can go with color, length, and accessories. For example, in all of these pictures, I'm just wearing a long sleeve tee shirt and gym shorts, but, I made it more bold with the bright orange-yellow, the huge elastic tie, and short-short length. Just trust your instincts and make sure you are staying true to what you're comfortable with. Simplicity is always a yes! Buy the look below!

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Yellow, of course. I mean, look at the website your on right now? Did you expect me not to wear yellow shorts on the daily?


Look 2: Cool for the Summer


First let me preface with I LOVE LONG SLEEVES. Long sleeve sweaters are perfect for a long summer day when you may not be stopping at home before going out. Roll them up during the day and down at night to adapt to the crazy L.A. weather. Pair the trendy striped top with a pair of black shorts and slap on your favorite pair of vans. Orange-toned stripes with orange flame slip ons is the perfect combo. This is an easy grab and go outfit for any occasion this summer. Buy the look below!

Trend Alert: 

Stripes are in guys!!! Pro Tip: wanting a slimmer look—  go for vertical stripes that are thinner and stay away from horizontal stripes. For a more subdued look go for black and white symmetry and to go bold find some fun colors and funky patterns. Urban and H&M especially are hopping on the stripes boat as seen above. Also, long sleeves, long sleeves, long sleeves!


Look 3: My Dad's Closet


We love a drama queen with an outfit gag. The tear away parachute pants are so fun and the huge 90s Reeboks are a stylish alternative to the basketball shoe trend going around right now. Pair the bold bottom with a simple top and you're ready to go. Just remember to wear shorts with pockets under the parachute pants for coverage and to make the high wasted so you don't look messy. If you haven't noticed already, I love a tucked in shirt, but do as you wish! 


Check your dad's closet for some 90s throwback realness.

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90s throwback!