"To Someone who might know more"

By Anna Harberger



i meant to write you well before

        i gripped

my pen with more security than 

                the hand of my father and


well before i shyly refused

              gentle persuasion

of collegiate heartthrobs crooning softly of 

monk and faulkner and

                experience with 



                  well before his validation,

                                   a conquest, my worth

                  weighed in ounces.


now i write you, for now

        i ask you

to come away with me,


         for my head throbs

 im choking on pigtails, and

              sensationalized phenomena 

                            that makes me feel

sand pail rocks that wedged deep

beneath my fingertips tasting of 

salt, dripping of blood.


the wind is heavy and smells spoiled, while its fingers

          caress my limbs, it pushes me 


                             down, im falling

down into a chasm of

       unbalanced, in between 


so whaddya say? write back and let me know.